We’re a mission
driven company

Proudly Remote! We look for the best talent for the job no matter where they are! Our team is balanced with both ambitious newbies with fresh ideas and experienced veterans excited about our vision for the future of social games.

About Us

Our founders are based in Shanghai, our team is located all around the world! Adventure Studios started with our first product Kappamon a simple livestream pet to help our founder Michael greet his viewers when he was a streamer himself.

Now 300,000 livestreamers using Kappamon later, our company is now about to release its first streamer-led game, Streamwalker Tribes!

Our Crew

Michael Xu
Former Summoners War Streamer
Creator of Kappamon
Louis Xu
Software Development previously at LinkedIn and Slideshare
Tak Fung
Lead Advisor
Former Tech Lead at Natural Motion Games and Google Ads
Tijana Schultz
UI & UX Designer
Previous designed for Top Eleven Football Manager and Spellsouls
Django Perebloom
Game Designer
RPG Progression Expert and Former Guild Leader
Lilian Tsui
Art Director
20 years of experience in console and mobile RPGs
Leo Chang
Game Backend Developer
Veteran game developer specialized in multiplayer backend
Allen Chen
Full Stack Game Developer
Veteran developer who worked on Yakuza 6 and White Cat Project
Tony Zhang
Technical Artist
Talented recent graduate, winner of Taipei game hackathon

Our Partners

SumZero Productions
Secret 6
Whimsy Games

Current Positions